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Migration to Github Pages

Welcome to the new blog!

I’m sunsetting the old blog and migrating all posts here, closer to my public code.

The move also allows version control (always welcome) and better automation (via ‘git push’ to master branch).

I’m using jekyll to build this blog. Things I’ve yet to properly figure out:

  1. Preferred comment system. Apparently, minima only supports disqus out-of-the-box and I’m afraid of ads introduced through it.
  2. A decent theme for this blog. I’ve enabled jekyll’s default theme for now since the one I liked best doesn’t work on jekyll 3.3.1 (the version that github currently supports).
  3. How to properly link to my linkedin profile. The minima theme doesn’t seem to support it.

What I’ll be posting about

I’ve always had a passion for programming, and I’m a strong believer in the open-source movement, so I’ll definitely be writing related to that. Checkout my code at github.

On the personal level, I’ve been passionate about powerlifting for around 18 months or so, so look out for a few posts here and there on that. And, perhaps - drum roll - if I ever get serious again about guitar playing, I’ll be posting some of that as well!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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