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My name is George Aristy. I am a Software Engineer Consultant and an open-source enthusiast.

I Code Java As a Software Engineer Consultant, I specialize in backends, whether these are on a standard JEE stack or written in Go, deployed on-prem or in the cloud. I am an Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Programmer and a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer golang and bring forth more than a decade of experience providing service-oriented solutions in the telecom, digital identity, media, and banking domains. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or checkout the rest of my blog where I share my thoughts and experiences.

github As an open-source enthusiast, I am very active on GitHub and have opened up a few of my projects - some are listed here. I am also actively involved in a number of other OSS projects - you can keep up with my latest OSS activity on GitHub. I am an honored participant in the Hyperledger Aries Working Group, and both the DIDComm and the Confidential Storage working groups under the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

evolution My career started in the telecommunications industry by monitoring and maintaining critical IT systems with high-availability. I had the pleasure of working with a skilled, proactive, and highly motivated team. Over time I realized my passion was in software development, and thus embarked on a journey that took me from writing simple programs in Java and Unix scripts to enterprise JEE development, service-oriented architectures, and microservices written in Go and deployed to the cloud.

In my spare time I am a powerlifter, currently with a Wilk’s score of 326. I am also a guitar player and proud owner of a Jackson Warrior WRXMG.